Last Hike before Fall

E and M, Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

E and M, Highline Trail, Glacier National Park


Sunday was the final day for vehicular traffic along the west side of the Going to the Sun Road from Avalanche Creek to Logan Pass. We took our final drive of the season on Saturday up to the pass and hiked out to Haystack Butte via the Highline Trail. It was a popular day on the road as other National Park lover’s came out for the drive.

The Highline Trail in Glacier is one of the most popular hikes in the park. It follows the west face of the Continental Divide and offers spectacular vistas with excellent wildlife viewing opportunities of bighorn sheep and mountain goat. It is grizzly country as is all of Glacier and the trail sign was posted for a bear frequenting the area. The wildflowers were done and the shades of autumn were coloring the landscape. Although the trail covers some 20 miles, we hiked the Garden Wall portion to Haystack Butte, which is about 3 miles, where we had lunch and then returned to Logan Pass. It was a relatively easy hike with one switchback right before the butte. On the return trip of the hike the wind was blowing so hard it called for extra caution along the narrow craggy part of the trail near the end. It was our last hike of the summer as this is the first day of fall.

With that said I will leave you with some original poetry.

The warm air is becoming crisp,
A change is coming, wisp by wisp.
The leaves are twirling down in red,
I must rake until I’m dead.
The ground will crackle where I step,
Summer is over, but no one has wept.
I jump into piles, having a ball,
And I’m glad, cause it’s Fall.

by E

The Other Change
Before the twinkling snow flies
And the year dies,
There is a season
Which everyone enjoys.
There are whirling leaves,
Which make lovely toys.
This chilly season is called Fall,
And when it’s over,
Winter will be all.

by M

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