Mechanized Logging

With the snow melting and company coming, the sled was not an option for retrieving fuel from the forest. We enlisted the services of Mallory as our new log truck operator.


 The thaw creates some slippery conditions. We must rectify that!


E and M


It’s a dirty job, but some girls have to do it.






All’s well that ends well.



Mallory’s first experience as a truck driver in the woods.



The tree is limbed and just needs to be bucked.



Oh great, out of gas! Hike back to the garage for more.



Now for the hauling part.



Negotiating the notorious “hairpin curve”.



Unloading at last. The fuel is stacked before nightfall and ready for the change to come tomorrow morning.



This is where our guests will come from tomorrow. Don’t let the snow fool you. There is still slippery ice beneath.



Using their Alaskan driving skills, I’m sure they will approach our gate with ease!



Still the little cabin in the snowy woods.


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