Montana Logging Sports

Removing branches


The 20th annual Family Forestry Expo is in full swing this week with its culmination of activities wrapping up this weekend. I’ve expressed that I didn’t think I wanted to go on Mother’s Day, and am feeling like a real party pooper. Everyone else is eager to go and looking forward to the hot dogs and logging sports exhibition.


An article about it in this morning’s paper shows a big picture of smiling kids looking really happy. I think I’m starting to get enthused. Perhaps we’ll even get there early enough this time to make paper!


Honestly, it’s good, free family fun. It’s educational and entertaining. Read all about last year’s exciting activities in M & E’s, Family Forestry Expo adventure. It’s even got a great chain saw carving video that goes along with it! I think we’re starting a family tradition. Making memories is what it’s all about and that’s good!


The video below is a demonstration of modern equipment, cutting and delimbing a stack of logs. Also, don’t forget to check out our funny chain saw carving video!


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