The Killer Flu

Time for another blog entry and the only thing that comes to mind today is the topic of flu. Not the Swine Flu, where it came from or who has it, but the flu we had last month. It was going around here and my daughter and her family in Alaska had it too.

It was unpleasant, lasted 2 to 3 weeks, but we’re no worse for the wear. The silver lining was that it gave us the opportunity to learn more about the Spanish Flu. We did some research on the internet and checked out the PBS documentary on the Killer Flu of 1918. This lead to science and several experiments. One such experiment used a spray bottle filled with water to demonstrate how a sneeze can infect numerous people at a time. To wrap it all up, E wrote an interesting article about what she learned from the documentary. I highly recommend you read her informative article and watch the eerie PBS video titled Influenza 1918. Try checking it out from the library like we did.

Presently there are no cases of Swine Flu reported in Montana. Let us pray that it stays that way and that the world is spared a pandemic of catastrophic proportions.

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