The Lonesome Sound of the Passing Train

Adventure on the edge of the wilderness in Montana can take on many forms…


The tracks at sunset in Columbia Falls


Moving to a new home is like a whirlwind, a flurry of activity, a tumultuous time of excitement, confusion, and disorder. It’s a time of change to be embraced. And if you let it flow, out of the chaos comes a calm and peaceful order to a new chapter in your life.

If I had to describe the sound of Columbia Falls, I would answer “trains”. My first negative thoughts of the train were premature and prejudiced reactions to what I thought were interruptions to the quietness of the surrounding forest. It was if I had moved next door to an airport where jet planes constantly flew overhead.

One night as David and I were preparing for bed, the sound of the approaching train broke the silence. Its familiar rhythm was heard approaching out of the darkness. Then the sound of the fading horn filtered through the brisk fall air and into our bedroom window.

“I like the sound of that,” my husband said. “It reminds me of my childhood and my Aunt’s house where the train passed everyday.”

I began to listen with an open mind and an open heart. I came to appreciate the sound of the train and look forward to its nightly visits.

Nostalgic for my husband, soothing for me; lonesome sounds of the passing train is but background music to a new chapter of our lives.

Everywhere you look, life’s an adventure!


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