The Big Snow Walk

After an overnight snowstorm, we decided to experience the deep snow in our neighborhood by walking to the store.


M in backyard snow

M in backyard snow


After walking five blocks, I realized how difficult it was to walk in the snow. The fluffy white stuff seemed like weights on my legs. I began to feel tired and the store was still blocks away.


Resting at Linderman school


As we walked through town, we heard the constant sound of sirens. Huskies howled eerily. Near the store, a scruffy older man asked us for money to buy beer.

Cautiously, Mom replied, “No, not for beer.”

He seemed agitated and said, “I need beer.”

After that, we continued to the store. After picking up batteries, toothpaste, and milk, we headed back home.


Insides Smith’s


The snow was deep but spirits were high. Mom took photos of Main Street as we trudged along.


Deep snow at Pizza Hut on Main St.



We were close to home but it seemed like miles in the deep snow. I was hot, sweaty, and exhausted. At last, we were in the backyard. I fumbled with my keys and went inside. I was so tired; I collapsed into a chair. In that moment, I knew that the best part of every trek is the end.

Happy Snow Storm!

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