The Blood Red Moon

One day in mid-February, we knew that with the coming of night, something very interesting would happen. It was the day of the lunar eclipse. The moon would turn red.

That morning we prepared for the exciting night to come, by visiting a website explaining all about lunar eclipses.

After dinner, we went into our snowy backyard. We walked around, and went in and out of the house, while Mom and Dad surfed the net and listened to loud music.

It was a clear night and we enjoyed looking up at the stars. We spotted a light gliding slowly through the sky. Suspecting a UFO, we got Mom and Dad. Dad explained that it was a satellite moving around Earth. We heard some spooky noises and “E” got very scared.

Mom had said, “On a night like this, perhaps you will hear werewolves howling.”

Soon it was time to start watching the stages of the eclipse. By 7:00 p.m., the eclipse had halfway covered the moon. After the moon turned red, our parents came outside. By 8:00 p.m., the moon had reached its peak. It was shivery cold as we stood behind our house and took video and photographs of the red moon.

Afterwards, we went inside and watched our videos on TV. The next day, we posted the video of our “Lunar Eclipse Adventure” on YouTube.


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