The Spook House

A spooky looking house in Kalispell


My parents, sister, and I stood in line and watched as people walked out of the curtained spook house. Two teen girls stood ahead of me, texting and giggling. The line was long, but luckily we were pretty close to the front of it. A hunchbacked clown puttered around trying to scare people in line. He didn’t frighten me, but the girls ahead of us started screaming and fled the line. They were too scared to continue into the spook house. I wondered what was in store, because horrified screams emanated from behind the canvas. I heard a chainsaw, and thought of what I’d read in the newspaper about a deranged clown with a chainsaw. The line moved, and we were yet closer to realizing our fate.Leaves rustled along the quiet streets as a cool breeze passed between the houses. The sky was clear, and a bright almost full moon lit the neighborhood for trick or treaters.

Mom joked that a real killer may have taken the place of the clown inside. I shuddered at the thought, and hoped this was not the case. But the screams of horror still foretold something terrible. Before long, we were at the gate. A man with a strange appearance greeted us. His irises were white, and he showed us his unusual contact lenses. Finally, he opened the gate and we entered.


The Spook House Witch


First we saw a witch sitting on a chair surrounded by bubbling cauldrons and potions. “It’s a beautiful night,” she murmured, standing up, “Be careful in there.” The whole time Mom was laughing hysterically. I couldn’t believe Mom was laughing at some woman just trying to act like a witch.

We continued through a cornfield with nothing of interest. I passed a scarecrow, which was hanging up and wondered if he would leap off and attack me. Nothing happened. Suddenly, I heard Mom scream. I saw the scarecrow, which had a hideous face, lunging towards us. I realized that we were in the midst of an insane asylum. A crazed person with a terrible appearance ran towards me. I jumped back, fearing I would be caught and eaten. Luckily, there was a chain around his foot so he couldn’t get any closer. As I passed him, I felt cruel hands on my shoulders as I leaped for safety. Ahead of me, I saw an evil pig doctor murdering his mangled patient with a chainsaw. The pig turned and walked toward me, and I stepped back in fright. Now I was on the verge of going around a sharp corner. What would greet me behind it was unknown. Everyone stopped in his or her tracks.

“You go first,” I said to Mom and Dad, “You’re adults.” At first they were slow to move, but I got Mom to lead. A hand wriggled from in a hole in a board. Mom and Eileen disappeared. Frightened, I proceeded. A clown holding a chainsaw menacingly approached me. I ran for my life. My hat flew off behind me. I needed it, because it was my mom’s but I’d never turn around and pass those creatures to get it. I hung onto Dad for dear life and ran the rest of the way out of the terrors. I realized Dad was carrying my hat. Where were E and Mom? Had they died? They had disappeared altogether. When I left, I saw them standing around nonchalantly.

The spook house was only about four blocks away , we walked home. Dad commented that this Halloween was just like the Halloween on To Kill a Mockingbird – the clear sky, leaves, and great weather.

I’d call that a Happy Halloween.


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