Wessie – My Story

Hello there, my name is Wessah, but my friends call me Wessie or Wess.
My easy life outside ended the day after my second birthday, when the evil next door neighbor shot me with a bb gun.  Seriously, how was I supposed to know that I wasn’t supposed to poo in that nice soft dirt?


Obviously it was his garden, but it seemed like a giant litter box to me.I live the boring life of a cat stuck inside at home all day.   I used to live outside, roaming the neighborhood and hunting squirrels.  Life was good then… all day long I could play in the grass, and relax in the warm sun.  I even had a couple of cat friends and enemies, who came to visit me.


I used to roam around my yard and bask in the warms sun.


I was lucky to have survived, but the bb was in my leg, and it didn’t take too long to recover.


After my recovery, life indoors was hard and very boring.  All I really wanted to do is escape this prison, and get back to what I loved best, playing outside and guarding my territory.


Obviously the humans who imprisoned me weren’t going to give up and let me outside like they always used to, so I learned to accept that I was going to have to stay inside.  At least I can still look out the windows, and sniff the fresh summer air when they leave the screens on.  It’s not the same as being out there myself, but it’s the best I can get.


Sometimes I manage to escape the house for a bit, and nibble the delicious grass, but the humans always end up getting me to come back inside.  I know they’re only doing it because they don’t want that neighbor shooting me again, but seriously, don’t they realize I can stay out of his yard by myself?  My superior intelligence is just too hard for them to notice, as they are very stupid creatures themselves.


Now my life is so boring, I read books to occupy myself.



I really hate not being able to go out there and tell them to get off my property.  Little do they know that once I was the baddest cat on the block… or at least I was when other cats dared to challenge my right to ownership of my home.Sometimes my old cat buddies come around to the house and have fights amongst themselves, when all I can do is listen and growl.


One day I’ll escape again and tell those visitor cats who’s boss.
Anyhow, welcome to my blog, where you’ll get to read about all the most exciting things in my life… if I can make this prison exciting at all.



One thought on “Wessie – My Story

  1. I remember when Wes was king of the neighborhood. No cat dared cross him, and if they did, they would never think of trying again unless they were too young or stupid.
    When that fat, greasy haired monster shot our kitty my world turned upside down. I’d lived in this idyllic world ruled by unchanging moral laws. I had no idea that people could truly do something so rotten.
    Luckily, karma is on your side, my dear cat. Someday you will again roam in grassy feilds and kill bugs. The “man” who shot you will never gain any happiness in life, trust that.
    Remember that wherever you live, indoors or out, you’ll always be my number one cat.

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