Screaming Bigfoot?


If you are looking for the REAL Bigfoot, Please DO NOT WATCH the following video!

You may feel compelled to comment and tell us:

  • it wasted 1 minute of your life
  • that we have ugly ass kids
  • that we have stupid kids
  • that our whole family looks stupid
  • that it is boring crap
  • that you wish you could slit your throat after watching it
  • that as an adult, you use Youtube as a relaxation tool when you’re stressed out and when you come across fake crap, it makes it worse
  • that you need to stop watching this shit
  • that people are getting so angry because we wasted your time
  • that Youtube needs a place for morons to post videos for morons who like to watch them

and last but not least you may feel the urge to explode something like: 

“By now, you 2 [referring to M and E, here] are probably Spoiled Young Liberal Obamabots who believe that Nigger in the White House actually likes White People. Next time you’re stealing some Money from your fagat Daddy’s wallet to buy your daily fix of Oxycontin and Xanax, remember You Still SUCK!”


We put up the video in the early years of Youtube. We homeschool, and videography has been a part of M and E’s lessons.  Because we thought the sound in the video might sound like a screaming Bigfoot, we used the keyword “Bigfoot” to get views. The video description is “Wilderness hikers encounter avalanche”.We started getting views and have over 68,000 of them. That’s really just a drop in the bucket considering the millions and millions of daily Youtube watchers.

We’re hoping you will email this video to everyone on your email list and help it become a video meme.

But beware of emailing it to Bigfoot enthusiasts. They don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor when it comes to Bigfoot. Perhaps we should have said Sasquatch…what do you think?

Even though we get some pretty nasty comments like the ones above (I delete the really vulgar ones), we get some funny and encouraging ones too.

One more thing before I show you the video, just a small reminder – nothing is private on the internet.

Thank you,


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