What Do Bears Really Do in the Woods?

Last week, I teased you by telling you that the bears had come out of hibernation and that I had a video of one in action, only to direct you to Youtube to be Rick Roll’d.

Actually, bears have been spotted lately and as usual reporters have given their public awareness announcement of taking precautions in bear country.

On April 2, 2009, The Daily Interlake published a story titled “Candid Cameras Capture Wildlife Antics”. It explained how the U.S. Geological Survey had placed remote cameras in Glacier National Park to capture bear behavior without the influence of humans.

They got some really cool video of other wildlife too, including deer, moose, foxes, coyotes, martens, mountain lions, wolves, and the elusive wolverine.

One of the best sequences captured, according to Jeff Stetz, a USGS research assistant, was when a lone black wolf teased a grizzly with two young cubs. The bears were feeding on a deer and the younger bears respond to the wolf by repeatedly chasing it away.

My favorite is this one that someone added music to showing a bear doing a shimmy dance as he scratches his back on a tree. It’s called “Montana Pole Dancing”.




Video… another great way to learn!