M’s Frostbite?

Red and cold feet


Last Sunday was a lovely sunny day and we were going to the exciting livestock exhibition! M wore a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, knowing she would not be cold. We arrived in the parking lot to see a small tent with a horse and a goat in it. A few people stood around, appearing bored. We were very disappointed to see the dull circumstances. We did not leave our vehicle and drove away.

Dad spontaneously suggested we see the archery range at Lone Pine State Park. It was nearby and we quickly drove off.

It was chilly on the hill and M grabbed her jacket. We climbed the slippery, snowy hill that leads to the range. M was wearing flip flops, which kept falling off, so we decided to avoid the icy snow as much as possible. Upon reaching the top, the ground was drier, and we proceeded to walk down the path. The sun was shining and we removed our jackets.

After taking a turn, the snow became unavoidable, and covered the forest floor. It was more icy, than snow. M complained. Her thongs kept falling off and her feet were really starting to hurt. E was afraid M would get frostbite.

Mom and Dad finally caught up. Dad commented on how M may need to have her feet amputated. E began to worry, and thought of giving up her shoes, if they were in the worst of conditions. M said her feet felt numb and Mom stopped to massage her feet to get her circulation moving.

Instead of making the loop, we decided turning around would be the quickest way back. M doubted she would need to have her feet amputated. We quickly made our way back to the less snowy conditions, and got back to the vehicle where M’s feet quickly warmed up. She did not get frostbite!

M at Lone Pine
Mom massaging M’s feet!
E at Lone Pine
E and M – Lone Pine

Did you know that people sometimes get hypothermia in the springtime because they think it’s warm and are unprepared for the lingering snow and chilly temperatures?

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