The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day!

Today, April 2nd , looks more like winter than spring. I know we told you spring arrived in a timely fashion on March 20th with warmer temperatures and a flower bud in our garden. But, it was pretty short lived and we’ve been having cooler weather and snow showers almost everyday since then.

Yes, Montanans love snow, but we do have our limits and everyone seems to be itching for warmer, sunny days. I usually greet the snow with excitement, but this morning it was with disappointment. At breakfast, I suggested to M & E that we quit griping about it and embrace it for the wonder that it is.

I later decided to go out and take pictures of some local attractions to give you an idea of the weather here and why most tourist traps don’t open in Montana until May, as mentioned in a previous post on David Letterman and Choteau. Sometimes out-of-towners jump the gun and come too soon, unaware that Montana is still cold with areas inaccessible due to snow.

After arriving home and walking through the yard to the back door, I commented out loud how I love the squeak of snow under my boots. Go figure! As I conclude, the sun has started shining which makes me think of my husband Grandpa Davey who always says, “The skies are not cloudy ALL day! I’ll leave you with that.

The Central School Museum displays rare and diverse Indian artifacts, an informative display on the logging industry of Northwestern Montana, and memorabilia from the heirs of Frank Bird Linderman; Montana writer, pioneer, and humanitarian. Open year-round.


The most beautifully preserved pre-1900 mansion in Montana. Opens May


The Hockaday Museum of Art focuses on Montana and Montana artists. The Hockaday displays the work of nationally renowned and emerging artists with an emphasis on the art of Glacier National Park. Open year-round.


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