Yogurt is for Sissies

When I saw the humans with that Greek Yogurt container, I was hoping they weren’t going to tempt my feline taste buds with dairy. I thought to myself, “On no, you can’t get me to eat that stuff.” “It’s for sissies.”



They barely gave me a sideways glance and then laid the container down for those purry stray cats to get into. Kish Kish is a girl, so I can understand that she would like that slime. But Tibbs? What’s with him? Doesn’t he have any dignity? I guess not. Look at him sticking his head all the way into that container.

And look at Taz! He looks guilty as sin. What is this world coming to?


Tazriorn sticking his tongue out looking guilty


One of my adopted mommies says that, “Yogurt is for guys, too.” It’s only stupid Yoplait commercials that promote yogurt for women.”

I am not going to fall for that logic. Even though it looks good, I will not succumb.



If I do, the next thing you know, I’ll be eating quiche!




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