Talk About a Blast!

There were two hunters.
Both were Montanans.
They had gone hunting together in the woods.
Soon they found themselves lost in the woods.
“Shoot into the air so the rescuers can find us,” one said to the other.
“Okay,” said the other, and shot into the air.
After awhile, they were still lost and no one came to the rescue.
“Shoot again,” said the one.
“Okay,” said the other and shot into the air.
Nobody came and they were still lost.
This continued back and forth for some time until finally…
When one said to the other – shoot again!
The other said, “Okay, but I’m almost out of arrows.” 


David was right on the money when he said “Maybe they’re trying out a bomb.”

I suppose the start of hunting season and the fantastic weather had something to do with the popularity of the shooting range on a recent afternoon. Guys and gals of all ages came out to the clearing in the woods and brought a lot of fire power.

David sets up some targets.


It seemed almost everyone had an assortment of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. All were there for target practice or to try out a new gun. We blew holes in plastic bottles, soda cans, and paper targets.

Pulling off some rounds with her dad’s shotgun really impressed Mallory.


Mallory pumps a round into the chamber.



I could tell by the grin on her face that she really enjoyed it.

That was cool!


And Eileen seems to have overcome her fear of big gun recoil. You know –  the anxiety you get when you know a gun is going to kick you off balance and punch you in the arm? After her first shot, she actually looked at us and said, “I’ll go one more time.”


Eileen gets thrown off balance.


Whoa! What a kick! – (I’m imagining what’s going through her head)


Argh, my family takes pictures from every direction.


Personally, I love that shotgun! It makes me feel so… Sarah Connor-ish.
~ “There are 215 bones in the human body. That’s one! Now don’t move.” ~

David surprised me with some hot loads which felt super powerful when discharged, but I don‘t necessarily think that‘s why my shoulder turned purple a couple of days later. Nobody else’s did.


Here I am feeling Sarah Connor-ish.


When we were done and sitting in the truck about to leave, a boy and his dad drove up. They got out and took their weapons from the bed of their pickup. They set up their space and then we noticed them come back and jump behind the berm (army style) and look towards the open field.

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but after David said they might be trying out a bomb, we heard a loud BOOM!

Don’t go ballistic. It was no worse than a big noisy firecracker, similar to the kind my neighbor used to set off every year around the 4th of July and New Year’s. He was a fireman and I suspect he especially liked fires and explosives if you know what I mean.

He scared me half to death the first time he rattled the windows with one of his M-80’s. After that, whenever it was fireworks season and I saw him walk to the sidewalk or street and lay something down, then walk back inside, I braced myself for a big bang.

It was fun and added an extra element of excitement to the holidays.

Ah, those days are gone.  That was Metairie, Anthony has passed, and most of the residents in Kalispell actually adhere to the NO FIREWORKS IN CITY LIMITS ordinance. It can be sort-a dull around here on New Year’s.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. OMG I’m loving it you all look like Sarah. I love those movies now I’m in the mood to watch them. 😉 Are you all hunting this year I have a friend that going elk hunting up there and he’s going to share I can hardly wait.

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