David and I on a moonlit stroll in Glacier

A Quiet Walk in the Park

David and I on a moonlit stroll in Glacier

David and I on a moonlit stroll in Glacier



I always check the Daybook column in the newspaper for things to do. Thursdays, I scan the Outdoor section for events and often find fun, affordable, and free activities the whole family can enjoy. This month I found that Glacier is offering “Winter Nights” cross-country skiing. They are ranger led treks under the full moon to discover how the park’s wildlife survive the cold and harsh winter months. We won’t be going, but it did inspire my husband and I to take a walk out on Camas Road the other evening. The girls were at a beading activity, and we needed to kill some time.

No one was in sight as we entered the park, as hardly anyone visits there in winter. As usual, the lights were on at one particular souvenir shop and a car parked outside. I’ve wondered why the shopkeeper stays open during winter, as I cannot imagine them having any customers. A couple of winters ago, a store across the street remained open during the off season trying to sell chili and hot chocolate. It didn’t work.

The snow was hard and frozen on Camas Road, so we didn’t need our snowshoes. We walked out for about a mile stopping to take pictures and hoping to hear the wolves. I’m sorry to say we didn’t hear any howling, but were able to take pleasure in the silence. The sky lit up with stars on the way back and as we drove through the park, we felt like solitary travelers in its vast expanse.

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