Spam-O-Rama in Bigfork, Montana

Besides Ski joring, dog sled races, ice skating, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, and bar stool races…what else do Montanans do to chase away the winter blues?  They carve SPAM!





Spam-O-Rama celebrated its eighth year of Spam carving merriment on a recent Saturday afternoon in Bigfork.  About 50 carvers and spectators showed up at Bigfork’s Garden Bar for the event.

According to the Daily Interlake, the owner of the bar, Mark Langlois, said, “I love Spam.  It’s a beautiful meat product”.

Langlois was inspired to bring a Spam-O-Rama to Bigfork after he heard of other Spam celebrations around the country. “What else are you going to do up here in the dead of winter?” he said.

Fifteen entrants deftly carved the pink mystery meat into deer, a “Spamuri” soldier, “Spam O’Lantern, and more.  First prize went to the “Spitter”, 2nd prize to the “Spamaba Chia”,  “Spish Tank” took 3rd, and “Spurfer” took 4th.

They all got some nifty prizes including a lawn chair, a cooler on wheels, and lifejacket donated by Flathead Beverage Co.; three things any self respecting Montanan, who enjoys the great outdoors, doesn’t want to be without.

As of this writing, Northwestern Montana has been experiencing two mild sunny days. Perhaps cabin fever is over for now, and we can quit concocting outrageous activities to help us escape the winter doldrums.

I haven’t had Spam in decades since my husband, as a newlywed, taught me how to make his easy and yummy barbecued Spam.  I’ll leave you with the recipe. But puleeze, eat it at your own risk!


  1. One can of Spam,
  2. Your choice of barbecue sauce

Cut Spam into 1/4″ thin slices.  Lightly brown in skillet on both sides.  Pour enough barbecue sauce to cover the taste of the Spam.


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