A Strong Desire for Skates

“If one imagines with enough energy behind it, expectations eventually manifest.” ~ You Get What You Expect

Temperatures cold enough to freeze the pond haven’t yet arrived in Kalispell. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the “I can’t wait to ice skate” enthusiasm which began shortly after summer faded away. Ice skating is a favorite winter sport and we look forward to the ambiance of the natural rink. However, the lack of freezing temperatures hasn’t stopped the artificial rinks from opening. M and E have already been ice skating three times; two of which, E borrowed my skates.  Hers no longer fit, so we went on a quest for new skates.

She was fairly determined about the brand and style of skate she wanted. Unable to find them locally, I told her we could order online as long as the price didn’t exceed the stores in town. She got busy. After several days of searching the web, she located a sporting goods store in Kansas that carried the skates. The price was right and the shipping was $3.99. The freight brought the price over my limit a tad so she offered to pay it. Wow! This kid was doing great! I placed the order and it was shipped on Thursday. Now all that was needed was for the new skates to arrive before the next skating outing.

She tracked the package over the weekend and it was due to arrive on Tuesday…a day late. Monday came and she checked the track log again. In Kalispell and out for delivery, it said. I was a bit surprised as nothing shipped later in the week has ever made it for a Monday delivery.


Ah! New Ice Skates!


It was just before noon and we were preparing to leave for the ice rink when I noticed our cat staring towards the porch. I decided to look one more time for the package. There it was. The skates had made it just in time.  We didn’t hear the UPS truck and the driver didn’t ring the bell, as usual. I’m glad Wes heard him.

You may or may not believe that my daughter’s deep desire for the arrival of those skates had anything to do with their most timely delivery. Well, I believe it did.

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