An Archer is One With the Bow

It was early morning and still dark when I read the  weather forecast.  It said “TODAY, patchy fog possible”.   I was a bit disappointed, as I am not yet ready to be socked in with inversions.  The morning progressed, the sun came up, and frosty autumn leaves glistened on the lawn.  It all looked so lovely that I decided to go to the archery range.   You never know at this time of year if the weather will change, sudden like, and you won’t be able to get up to the range due to snow and ice.  I kissed the girls, told them to be productive, and waved good-bye.  

After arriving at Lone Pine, I took a short hike to the overlook and that’s where I saw the patchy fog hanging low near the mountains.

We live somewhere under the trees – a bit left of center.

Next, it was over to the archery range where I signed in and walked up the hill to the course.  It’s peaceful up there and I feel content in its surroundings.  

Archers this way.

There are seven targets for practice and this is number two.   As you can see, it was crystal clear blue skies…no fog here. 

Target No. 2

After the 3rd target, I headed into the woods.  I thought I was all alone until I  heard  movement.   I discovered five of these guys spying on me. 

Whitetail deer.

It’s hunting season.   I’m not sure if their watchful eye was due to that or not, but they surely kept a close eye on me.   It was really kind of cool.  I started to feel like Happy Hunter as I was stalking them with my camera. 

Next is number five.  It’s my least favorite target.  I’m not exactly sure why. You can’t see it in the picture,  (I was really trying to let you see my bow in this one), but the burlap target in the middle consists of four small birds.  I think I prefer to shoot at big game.

My least favorite target.

This is the site of target number 7, last but not least.  The target is no longer a bear but an elk.  However, it remains my favorite.   

The end.  The target is the square thing in the middle.

On the way back, our eyes met.  This buck took me by surprise as he stood up out of the grass and glared at me.  I did not want to wind up on Funniest Home Videos being stomped by a deer, if you know what I mean.   I snapped the picture.  He turned and ran. 

His antlers are a bit camouflaged by the tree branches.

My tip for success:  Be one with the bow.

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