Great Looks for Fall

It’s barely fall up here in the frozen north, but there is a nip in the air and winter is just around the corner. It’s the time of year we start thinking about another pair of winter boots or another style of hat. The leaves are beginning to turn and sidewalks are scattered with shades of orange, brown, and red. Mallory says the air smells like soap and Violets.  It smells more like wood burning stoves or fireplaces to me.  Nevertheless, it smells like autumn and that smells good.   We are all so excited about winter that Mallory, E, and I decided to put on a fashion show of sorts of some of the looks you can achieve for winter.

First up,we have Marlene (me) with a real fashion faux pas.  NEVER wear flared jeans inside of your boots unless you’re middle-aged and have a LOT of confidence.

Middle aged fashion?

Next, we have E showing off her cushy new winter boots that are rated -50 degrees…meaning she can stand out on the ice all day to catch bad tasting fish and not get frozen feet.

Ready for some  ice fishing?

Now, E is showing off a TOTALLY stunning look in a camo jacket and olive drab boots.  She completes the look with matching scarf and hat.

Cute in totally camo.

Here is Mallory in a stylish beret.  Paired with Holly Day’s Cha-Cha, it makes for a fabulous fashion statement.

Headed to Paris?  But, don’t expect this hat to keep your head warm.

We love our transients here in Kalispell and many of them still camp out in Woodland Park.  Here, Mallory really pulls off the Happy Hobo look.

Hobo in the park

You remember Dr. Zhivago, don’t you?  All E needs to complete this ensemble are ice crystals around the nose and eyelashes.

Dr. Zhivago.  I really liked this furry hat when I first bought it from the antique store.

This one is definitely a mistake!


This is what I get for using that Knifty Knitter!

Here’s the Paul Bunyon.  Top it off with a plaid flannel shirt and you’ll be all set.

The Paul Bunyan look is always in.

Next is,  “My pants are too short and these are my only boots”,  homeschool look.  This look is very affordable and you don’t necessarily have to be a homeschooler to achieve it.   All it takes is to keep growing and have older siblings for hand me downs.

Pubescent home-schooler

The next time it’s sub-zero and you have to go to the bank, keep warm and toasty with a balaclava.

I’ll take that in all 100 dollar bills please.


Well that ends our pre-season winter fashion show.  I want to give a special thank you to Mallory and E for their cooperation and patience in helping make this presentation a success.  And thank you, the reader,  for joining us and we hope you’ll stop by again soon.

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