Ground Hog Day 2009 – Phil Sees His Shadow

Punxsutawny Phil saw his shadow earlier today and predicted six more weeks of winter, which is no surprise to me. Snow fell here last night and this morning. Spring just doesn’t come to the Rockies until the vernal equinox and the calendar say so on March 20th. Even then, snow and chilly temperatures aren’t out of the question. It’s wonderful having four distinct seasons and by the time we get tired of one, another one rolls around.

Did you know that a ground hog is a woodchuck and that a woodchuck is a marmot? These fearless little mammals with long, sharp teeth have scampered up to us on trails hoping to scavenge our lunch. They seem to eat anything, including the soles of our hiking boots. M and E tell all about it in their adventure to Piegan Pass in Glacier National Park.

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