Icy Window Panes

I was looking at some photos this morning to add to a Musing’s article and couldn’t find what I wanted. But, I did run across this one of frost on the window, which inspired me for today’s post.

It’s not regular that we have ice accumulation on the interior of our windows in winter but it does happen once in awhile. We sleep without heat, staying cozy under our down comforters. As we exhale into the chilly air our warm breath raises the humidity in the room. When temperatures outside are frigid, conditions become ideal for condensation to form and we get frosty windowpanes.

I thought this was something special the first time I saw it as I had never seen anything like it living in Louisiana.

There are some lovely and unique photographs on the Internet of ice crystals that have formed on glass. This one I captured a little over a year ago in my daughters’ bedroom one morning. When I look at it I see aquarium plants or fire.

What do you see?

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