What is Pond Skimming?

What is Pond Skimming?


Pond skimming is an annual springtime event at ski resorts that dates back for decades. For the uninitiated – such as myself a few days ago- pond skimming involves skiing down a snowy slope into a pond  while attempting to cross to the other side without falling into the icy water.  To be a contestant, you need to be:


  • brave
  • extroverted
  • the baby of the family
  • or all of the above.


You must wear a silly costume and/or wig, have a prop such as a tennis racket or beer, and call yourself John McEnroe or Jesus.  If you hit the pond and fall before reaching the other side, you should try to spray the crowd with water while holding your beer high above your head.  If you can do tricks and other crowd pleasers for the judges and onlookers, you increase your chances of winning.



Pond Skimming

Wintertime Outdoor Adventure


While out for a drive last weekend, we drove up to Big Mountain Ski Resort and hit the pond skimming event at just the right time as crowds lined the slopes to watch intrepid skiers vie for the $1,000 cash prize. It was a festive atmosphere as music blared and people cheered the contestants. When the show was over snow began falling while the crowd dispersed, and others took advantage of their last opportunity for skiing on the mountain.

It was a great day and yet another chance for me to discover the wild and crazy things Montanans can do for fun in the snow.

Photos capture the action…

(if you want to see bigger pictures, click to enlarge)



and a video too.



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